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I’m really excited to be writing this as not only is it my very first actual post (not counting the About Me post) but it’s also an introduction to my blog The Ninja’s Tale (TNT).

The Ninja’s Tale Blog:

I’ve always loved writing and keeping a diary. This stemmed from my love of reading I guess and a need to document things so I wouldn’t forget about them. To keep the memories and every little detail from those moments alive far into the future. I got a lot of inspiration from reading books and solitude during my school years. I had always thought that whenever I’d have children, I’d pass this down to them (I’ve always wanted to have kids). For one reason or the other, I didn’t keep up with it andĀ stopped writing when I was about 17/18.

Nearly 10 years on, I’m a wife and mum. There are plenty of memories that we are making as a family with the kids that I would like to document and even more things that I would like us to do but can’t get done because of lack of motivation (due to some health issues, which calls for a post on this later).

This is where the blog comes in. I’m hoping to use this place to document our journey and share it with you all and that having a blog will give me this sense of accountability and motivation that I would like in life. This blog is also my journey to finding myself (not sure how that will happen but, yeah, that’s the aim).

I’ve put up different categories to make it easier to navigate around the blog and find relevant content easily.

There are five categories:

  • Crafting- Will have everything related to crafts
  • Learning- Anything related to learning languages (mostly kids friendly as I teach my little ones the languages I know), using my DSLR in manual mode or any other educational material can be found here
  • Meals- Will have recipe posts, whether tried by us or something that we would like to try and make in the future. Easy cook, quick dinner, kids friendly, world cuisine etc etc
  • Positivity- Will have quotes, stories or anything that is positive, motivational and/or can bring a smile on to your face
  • The Tale- All the posts from the above four categories and the rest that can’t be put in those categories can be found here. The rest includes but is not limited to posts on parenting, family life and my musings on just about anything.


A bit of background on me:

Born and raised in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; the most beautiful country in Africa (it really is lovely, no bias there haha). I’m 27 years old and can speak Swahili, Kutchi, Gujrati and English fluently. I can just about speak/understand Hindi/Urdu (I’m unable to differentiate the two as they’re so similar). Languages that I have been learning on and off are French, Arabic and Russian but I’ve not gotten very far.

I love traditional crafts and I’ve got my mum to thank for as she taught me these when I was young (before we had access to Youtube). I started off with sewing when my mum taught me how to make my own pajamas at the age of around 7 and crochet at the age of 11 I think. And thenĀ beading around the age of 14, I think, when mum taught me how to make a bead cover for a pen using needles (I’ve since learnt that it’s possible to do that using a steel crochet hook too).

I can do some DIY, thanks to my papa, who always involved me in anything that he was working on. Growing up, I have helped him work on cars/engines to making (wooden) window frames and fitting it to the balcony window on our fourth floor flat (it was so much fun). He would always say that should I ever find myself alone then I should be able to sort things out for myself without depending on anybody (or man) to do my DIY for me.

Introduction to Mr Ninja and Ninjalettes:

Mr Ninja was born and raised in Leicestershire although his ancestry is Scottish. He is a techie and is interested in a lot of things which I regard geeky haha- computers, anime, he’s currently learning Japanese and is interested in lots of other cool stuff. Mr Ninja’s also a very private person so I probably shouldn’t write any more.

Miss A is now 4 and Master M is 2 (aka the Baby). They’ve both got very different personalities and yet so similar at the same time. They’re both adventurous monkeys, one being fearless and one taking his time to do things. They’re constantly trying to climb everywhere and jump off things they’re not meant to. But I guess that comes with the Ninja title, right?


If you’ve read this far, thank you (didn’t think it would be such a long post!). I hope I’ve covered everything, but if you’ve got any questions/comments, are a parent, a crafter, have a multilingual family or would like to share anything at all then I’d love to hear from you.

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